Quality management system

Quality management system

With the large output advantage quickly meeting the demand of consumer with the uniform standard for every products, the industrial manufacture of products also place the manufacturers in a difficult position to reconcile the output and quality control. At Phuoc Sang, we are committed to provide the highest quality and safest products to consumers, because we understand that the quality of products with competitive pricing is the most important factor with the existence of each company.

By attaining ISO 22000: 2005 certification for the production process, we undertake that all our products are strictly controlled from the selection of inputs to products to consumers.


In addition to the application of modern management standards, our company always create conditions for employees to participate in training courses on food safety and hygiene, safety training to improve consciousness, responsibility of each employee to participate in the production process, ensuring the quality of the goods before delivery.

ISO 2014 to 2017