Raw material area

Ben Tre is the province with the largest coconut scale in the country, which is grown concentrated into large material area and increase rapidly in area and output in recent times. According to statistics of Ben Tre Statistical Office, in 2005 the coconut area of  the province reached 37,595ha, harvesting area 33,587ha, output 258.78 million fruits; Then the area of coconut increased rapidly every year and by 2015 it reached nearly 68,000 hectares, with a harvest area of 57,000 hectares and output over 500 million fruits. Thus, after only 10 years, the area and output of the province was nearly doubled.


Coconut is a very important crop for the economy of Ben Tre province, although the area is relatively small in size compared to other major coconut planting nations, and has just established recently, the coconut processing industry of Ben Tre has been a fast, reliable and diversified development, making full use of the potential of the coconut raw material, processing products of Ben Tre exploit almost all major products from coconut fiber, Coconut shells, coconut meat and coconut milk. With the role creating products with high market value, coconut products producers, including Phuoc Sang, have added value to the coconut palms. With a large processing capacity, Phuoc Sang Company has consumed a lot of coconut raw materials, created many jobs with good income for the people, contributed to the budget revenue of the province in particular and the state in general.

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